Elisha Fallon, Boilermaker

“I started with QAL in 2011, as an apprentice boilermaker. Although the work can be hot, hard, uncomfortable at times, I really enjoy my job and the people I get to work with here at QAL. The thing I love most is the actual welding – I find it satisfying to do a job really well, and get everything back working as it should.”

Elisha is now a qualified tradesperson and works with the Heavy Drives Turnaround Crew. 

Denis Varker, Clarification Supervisor

“After more than 20 years with QAL and 15 in Clarification, I have gained a detailed understanding of the area and the process which enables me and my team to drive significant safety and production improvements. I first started with QAL as an Alumina Producer and have gradually worked my way up through the ranks to my current role as Clarification Crew 4 Shift Supervisor. Managing people has been a new experience for me and it gives me great satisfaction to see my team succeed.”


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