How we operate


QAL has been the heart of Gladstone's prosperity since we produced our first alumina in 1967. QAL's goal is to operate a safe sustainable business producing a quality product and providing a secure future for our employees, owners and the Gladstone community.

Underpinning everything we do at QAL is our safe, stable and reliable approach to ensure we achieve sustainable outcomes with zero impact on the environment whilst maximising every opportunity to create value for our business.

 Our greatest strength will always be the talent, skill and diversity of our people, working as on team to create the strongest QAL for future generations. We will focus our efforts on the work required to keep our business profitable, sustainable, stable and innovative in an ever-changing Aluminium market.

Supporting our values 

We put these values into action in all aspects of our business. The way we do this is:

  • We give the areas of health, safety and environment top priority
  • We demonstrate integrity by respecting and caring for our people
  • We talk with and listen to our community about what they want and what concerns them
  • We take pride in being part of a team
  • We set clear goals and work everyday to achieve them