Local business, local suppliers

We work with a range of contractors, sub-contractors and consultants across all areas of our operations.

We work to a set of values which guide and support our dealings with all of our stakeholders including customers, suppliers and the community in which we operate. We aim to further support the local economy through engaging, where possible, local businesses and contractors to undertake project and maintenance works.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the expectations and standards our suppliers must adhere to in order to do business with us.

If your company would like to do business with QAL, please contact us.

QAL Purchase Orders

The following terms and conditions apply to, govern and are incorporated by reference into all Request for Quotes and stand-alone Purchase Orders, as the case may be:

PO - Supply of Goods 

PO - Supply of Services

Access to site

General site induction
Before anyone begins work on site, they must complete an online induction. This induction is compulsory and must be completed prior to the commencement of any work on site. For further information and registration for the online QAL Site Induction, follow this link.

Maritime induction
Before anyone can access the QAL West Gate and Wharf, they must complete the maritime online induction. For more information and registration for the online QAL Maritime Induction, follow this link.

Area inductions
Anyone required to work in a process area must complete an area induction to understand the hazards and appropriate controls. A site induction must be completed prior to area inductions.

Bookings for area inductions can be made directly by the Company’s nominated SAP/LS Administrator, or by contacting the QAL Contract Supervisor. Area inductions are held on-site by area experts. For further information on the area inductions schedule, follow this link

Contractor Status Update form
This form is for contracting companies/suppliers to notify us of any changes to their employees' site access requirements. Follow this link.

Site Conditions

The following policies and procedures are referenced in all QAL contracts where access to the site is required.

The Contractor is required to comply with the following:

P802.011 Third Party Contractor Assessment Procedure

P802.011 Approved 3rd Party Auditors

P001.013 Drugs and Alcohol

P703.018 Training

P001.010 Control of Entry to and Exit from the Site

P314.701 Operation of Mobile Equipment

P314.707 Mobile Equipment Standards

P403.064 Miscellaneous Shipping Orders

P314.311 Work At Height

P314.401 Ladders

P314.103 Management of Chemicals

P801.001 QAL Contract Management Policy

P703.046 Induction and Orientation Processes

P314.420 Lifting Equipment - Inspection & Maintenance

P314.421 Lifting Equipment - Safe Use

P314.422 Cranes - Inspection & Maintenance

P314.423 Cranes - Safe Use

P301.067 Fitness for Work