Sustainable development encompasses our approach to all areas of performance at QAL. It is not only applied to the environmental management of our operations, it includes contributing to the region's social wellbeing and stregthening the economic prosperity of our business and community while maintaining strong governance and integrity systems.

You can read the QAL Sustainable Development Report Card 2016 here.

Commitment to innovation

We invest in Research and Development to ensure leadership in alumina refining technology - improving technical capabilities for customers and minimising the environmental impact of our product.

Operational excellence

We strive to continually improve with priority placed on safety and quality.

Promotion of recycling across all applications

We work to promote recycling programs across all facets of our business. 

Since June 2003 QAL have operated an onsite Waste Transfer Facility. The facility receives and sorts all QALs general waste streams to improve the proportion of waste able to be recycled or reused. In 2016, 93% of QAL’s general waste was recycled by the Waste Transfer Facility.

Social commitment

We build active partnerships with our communities and other stakeholders based on mutual respect and sustainable benefit across generations.

Adopting a responsible approach ensures we gain and maintain our licence to operate. It means we provide confidence to our stakeholders, and improve our access to the resources, people and capital we need.

Our focus on sustainable development helps us to manage risks effectively, reduce environmental impacts, engage with our communities, decrease operating costs, provide additional business opportunities, attract high calibre employees and ensure their health and safety, and ultimately to deliver better returns for our shareholders.